Thursday, December 30, 2010

Little Alice from Yarrow Kim Wise

Sorry for the long delay. This is the beautiful doll that I recieved from Kim (Yarrow) during our December art swap. Her name is Little Alice. With the doll, I also got a handmade card (also made by Kim). That was a lovely surprise. Alice is no doubt inspired by the movie Alice in Wonderland. She is a hanging art doll. My firts hanging art doll actually. She was more than just a little noticed at our xmas dinner. All of my guests just adored her, as do I. Thank you again Kim. This art swap thing is great, and should be done again. Anyone interested? I'll also mention it on my Facebook page to see if anyone is interested. Although, to be honest, not too many people responded last time. But for the 4 of us who did it, it was awesome! Thanks again Roxanne from Mental Mulch, Stacey of MagicLoveCrow, and Kim of Yarrow!!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Art Swap names!!!

The names have been pulled from the hat for the art swap!

I (spiffy tomato) will be giving art to MagicLoveCrow
Yarrow will be giving to me (spiffy tomato)
Roxanne (mentalmulch) will be giving to Yarrow
MagicLoveCrow will be giving to Roxanne (mentalmulch)

I wasn't sure if I should just literally pair up everyone for an even switch, or just pull everyones name and pair it with a the next name on the list. So, I chose the latter of the two. I thought that would be fun. Crow, you'll have to private message me with your mailing address so I can send you some art! :)

Hope everyone gets this message in time. Please comment if you read it. Have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I made a video, or two!

I used that site "" and made two slideshow type videos of dolls I've done. The one video is for my friend Valletta (the one I was making 5 dolls for). I'm going to try to put the links in here in case anyone wants to check them out. I was just so excited about it. :)


All comments or suggestions are welcome and appreciated. Thanks.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


feeling very unmotivated lately. Been buys making 5 dolls for a friend of mine. They are going slowly because I keep putting things off. Played my first home game last Saturday. It was the "Fright Night" bout, Halloween themed. We won! But, I was so nervous, and I think I could have played better. But, no matter, I'll do better next time. It was a blast though. If anyone lives near Michigan you should come see us play (roller derby). My team is the Mid Michigan Derby Girls, and I'm #79, Steele Maiden. There are some really great players on my team. Just sayin'. :) But today, I think I'm gonna try to finish up at least one of those dolls for Valletta.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Art Swap!!!!!

Awhile back, I posted a couple of pictures of the doll I made for the ADO Grimms fairy tales challenge. He was the boy from the story "The Juniper Tree". After I posted it, Roxanne from MentalMulch made a few comments on him and said that she liked him. One night, I was just sitting there feeling grateful that someone was complimenting my work, and thought to myself "I wonder if she would like him". So, I wrote her and asked, and she said she would. She said she would like to give an art piece of hers as well. I chose a painting, as she does lovely paintings. And that's how it happened. We swapped art. It was really quite exciting. I liked it so much, that I decided that I would like to do that every so often. I was thinking about doing it every 2 months. Anyone interested, just message me, and I'll enter you into the swap. If I get more than one person, I'll simply draw names. I'm thinking this will be fun, and also a great way to interact with other artists. The art needs to be your own. It can be in any form.
Here is a picture of the painting that now adorns my wall! Roxanne is such a talented artist. Her dolls are also amazing. Here's a link to her blog:
Go check her out. She has a link to her Etsy store as well.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Juniper Tree

Art Dolls Only is having a Grimms Fairy Tale challenge. Now, I'm not a member of ADO, but someday I would really like to be. So, today, I finished my doll for the challenge. He's the little boy from the story "The Juniper Tree". I chose that story, because it's one of my oldest daughters favorite stories. I'm happy with the way he turned out. He is the first of my dolls to wear pants, and the also the first boy doll I've ever made. Also, I'm really liking the way I made the eyes for this one. They have a filigree pattern in them, if you look closely.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Daughters doll (no name)

Last night before practice, I finally finished my youngest daughters doll. She wanted one that looked a lot like Zya. So, you could say that this is Zya's little sister. She really liked the doll, which is great. She designed it. Picked out all the colors and horns, and shoes. I'm excited because one of the girls on my derby team just asked me to make 5 dolls for her. They will be holiday presents for the ladies she works with.

When I get some free time I'm going to make a doll inspired by my team. Yup, a roller derby doll! Here are some pics of my daughters doll. She is unnamed as of right now.

Monday, September 6, 2010


Well, my oldest daughters doll is done. Say that ten times fast. She named her "Japella" and I hope I spelled that right. She is a character in a book that she's writing. Apparently Japella is the queen of an island. She brings peace to the chaotic lives of sprites. I gave her some of my daughters personality with the super-high top tennis shoes. The dress, hair, eyes, shoes and all that were picked out by my daughter. Now to work on my younger daughters doll. It's almost done.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Eyeballs in the livingroom

I've been feeling rather inspired lately. Been working making my two daughters each their own little art doll. I'll post pics when their done. Today, my goal is to start a dozen or so sets of eyeballs so they will be ready for later use. It bothers me when I get the bug to make a doll, and I have to wait until a set of eyes are done. Thought it might be cool to play around with some different types of eyes today. We'll see how that goes. Right now, they are drying on top of my TV stand.
I also have some drying on my wall.
I've got arms and legs and paint, and heads all over the place. It's kind of a mess really. Hopefully, some really beautiful dolls will be created out of all this chaos.

Trying a new type of clay today. The Hobby Lobby where I usually buy my Paperclay was closed today. So, I ventured on over to Michaels crafts, and they didn't carry it. So, I bought something called LaDoll stone clay. Kind of excited to try it out. It was about twice the price, so I'm hoping it's nice to work with. Who gets excited about clay?? me.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Raven is done!

Raven has been in the works for awhile now. I was feeling a bit uninspired, and took a break. Now, she is complete, and I'm quite happy with how she turned out. She is made of wooden dowels and paperclay. Her hair was a bit tricky. It's made of a kind of furry yarn, and it's the first time I've used that. I like it. I just posted her to my Etsy shop today. She is the second in my Little Distaters collection. They are going to look adorable come Halloween.

Monday, August 16, 2010

New hair-do

Not doll related at all, but I just got my hair colored and cut. I'm pretty pleased with it. I've been styling with roller sets lately, and this new haircut has lots of layers for that. The layers aren't really showing in these pictures though.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Little Disasters!

Oh, I'm soooo excited! I just listed my Zya doll on I've decided to make some darker, monstrous type dolls, that I'm fittingly calling "Little Disasters". She is the first. My youngest daughter loves her, and wants one. So, later this evening, I'll be starting her doll. Got the eyes in the oven right now. Probably could have timed that better. It's burning up in here.

I also finished another doll today, that I was making for a lady on my team (roller derby). She'll be giving it to her Aunt Karen. So, that was fun. And I like knowing that one of my dolls will reside in California, with the real Karen.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

New blogger

This is my first ever blog. I'm so low tech. Today I'm working on my next doll (as I usually am). I'm excited because I just sold my very first doll on Etsy!!! Got to get her ready for shipping!!!
Too hot to sit here much longer and type. My next place will have air conditioning, I hope.