Thursday, December 30, 2010

Little Alice from Yarrow Kim Wise

Sorry for the long delay. This is the beautiful doll that I recieved from Kim (Yarrow) during our December art swap. Her name is Little Alice. With the doll, I also got a handmade card (also made by Kim). That was a lovely surprise. Alice is no doubt inspired by the movie Alice in Wonderland. She is a hanging art doll. My firts hanging art doll actually. She was more than just a little noticed at our xmas dinner. All of my guests just adored her, as do I. Thank you again Kim. This art swap thing is great, and should be done again. Anyone interested? I'll also mention it on my Facebook page to see if anyone is interested. Although, to be honest, not too many people responded last time. But for the 4 of us who did it, it was awesome! Thanks again Roxanne from Mental Mulch, Stacey of MagicLoveCrow, and Kim of Yarrow!!!!


  1. Christina, the doll and card are beautiful!! I think everyone in the last swap was very happy. I know Roxanne told me she liked her items from me. I always love art swaps ;o) Let me know, I'm in for another :o)

  2. Glad you like her Christina, definiately count me in on another :D and Happy New Year from me too.x