Tuesday, October 26, 2010


feeling very unmotivated lately. Been buys making 5 dolls for a friend of mine. They are going slowly because I keep putting things off. Played my first home game last Saturday. It was the "Fright Night" bout, Halloween themed. We won! But, I was so nervous, and I think I could have played better. But, no matter, I'll do better next time. It was a blast though. If anyone lives near Michigan you should come see us play (roller derby). My team is the Mid Michigan Derby Girls, and I'm #79, Steele Maiden. There are some really great players on my team. Just sayin'. :) But today, I think I'm gonna try to finish up at least one of those dolls for Valletta.


  1. Hey Christina, if I lived near you, I would come see you play! It's sounds like alot of fun! You look great too ;o)