Sunday, September 5, 2010

Eyeballs in the livingroom

I've been feeling rather inspired lately. Been working making my two daughters each their own little art doll. I'll post pics when their done. Today, my goal is to start a dozen or so sets of eyeballs so they will be ready for later use. It bothers me when I get the bug to make a doll, and I have to wait until a set of eyes are done. Thought it might be cool to play around with some different types of eyes today. We'll see how that goes. Right now, they are drying on top of my TV stand.
I also have some drying on my wall.
I've got arms and legs and paint, and heads all over the place. It's kind of a mess really. Hopefully, some really beautiful dolls will be created out of all this chaos.

Trying a new type of clay today. The Hobby Lobby where I usually buy my Paperclay was closed today. So, I ventured on over to Michaels crafts, and they didn't carry it. So, I bought something called LaDoll stone clay. Kind of excited to try it out. It was about twice the price, so I'm hoping it's nice to work with. Who gets excited about clay?? me.

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